North Annor is a very large continent of the world of Ardaia that is east of the Great Ocean, west of West Onnor, north of Central Annor, and south of the Great Arctic Sea.

Regions Edit

There are up to 21 regions of the continent of North Annor and they are the Twin Waterfall Bay Region, the Land of Thousand Waterfalls Region, the Land of Hundred Lakes Region, the Great Redwood Forest Region, the Land of Thousand Rivers Region, the Great Misty Mountains Region, the Great Central Plains Region, the Great Northern Forest Region, the Yellowstone Mountains Region, the Great Ridgetop Mountains Region, the Great Eastern Mountains Region, the Snowcrest Mountains Region, the Great Western Basin Region, the Ridgeback Mountains Region, the Great Ironstone Mountains Region, the Great Badlands Region, the Great Canyonlands Region, the Sandmud Marsh Region, the Great Coast Dunes Region, the Great Southwestern Desert Region, and the Great Sandstone Desert Region.

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