Drindar are mysterious natural immortal humanoids that are native to the continents of North Annor, Central Annor, South Annor, West Onnor, North Onnor, and South Onnor. They are closely related to the Daian, the Ardaian Werecreature, the Ardaian Wight, the Ardaian Vampire, the Ardaian Ghoul, the Mordar , and are strangely related to the Dridar, the Ardaian Naga, the Ardaian Merfolk, and the Ardaian Faerie. They are the ancestors of the Ardaian Wendigo, the Ardaian Lupin, and the Ardaian Lycan.

Other Names Edit

The Drindar are sometimes known as the Wolf-eyed Elves of Ardaia.

Physical Description Edit

The Drindar resembles their cousins the Daian in appearance, but unlike a Daian, a Drindar has a slightly more muscular body then a Daian, has slightly more compressed muscles then a Daian, has slightly wide lupine eyes, has pointed leaf-shaped ears, has slightly slower growing hair then a Daian that never gets tangled or knotted, has very little body hair to the point that male Drindar are incapable of growing any facial hair, has slightly tougher muscles and skin then a Daian, has slightly slower growing, tougher, stronger, sharper, pointer finger and toe nails then a Daian, has a slightly tougher, more expandable stomach then a Daian that is not prone to bursting no matter how much a Drindar eats or drinks, has slightly stronger, harder, lighter bones and teeth then a Daian, has sharper incisor teeth then a Daian, and has sharper, longer canine teeth then a Daian, but not so long to be considered huge fangs.

Size Edit

Drindar can stand about between 5'12 and 8'0 feet tall weighing about between 165lbs and 280lbs.

Abilities Edit

Drindar has the same abilities as their Daian cousins, but unlike the Daians, the Drindar has a slightly much faster healing ability then a Daian.

Strengths Edit

Drindar has the same strengths as their Daian cousins, but unlike the Daians, the Drindar has slightly much greater physical abilities then a Daian, has slightly much keener senses then a Daian, especially their sense of smell and unlike the Daians, the Drindar are resistant to most toxins that would kill almost any living being.

Ecology Edit

Life Cycle Edit

Drindar has the same life cycle as their Daian cousins.

Races Edit

There are up to races of the Drindar and they are the Gold Drindar, the Silver Drindar, the Bronze Drindar, the Copper Drindar, the Ivory Drindar, the Iron Drindar, and the Obsidian Drindar.

Mutant Types Edit

There is one mutant type of the Drindar and they are the Drindar Shifter.

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