Ardaian Wights are a type of mysterious immortal living wights that are found almost around the world of Ardaia. They are related to the Drindar, the Daian, the Mordar, the Ardaian Werecreature, the Ardaian Banshee, the Ardaian Vampire, and the Ardaian Ghoul, and they are strangely related to the Dridar, the Ardaian Merfolk, the Ardaian Naga, and the Ardaian Faerie. They are the ancestors of the Ardaian Draugar.

Physical Desrciption Edit

Ardaian Wights resembles a Human in appearance, but unlike a Human, a Ardaian Wight has leathery skin, has sharper, pointer incisor teeth then a Human, and has sharper, pointer canine teeth then a Human.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Ardaian Wights are omnivorous, but they mostly enjoy eating raw meat or drinking blood.

Special Abilities Edit

Ardaian Wights has the ability to become invisible at will. Ardaian Wights has the ability to drain energy out of any creature they touch.

Races Edit

There are up to seven races of the Ardaian Wights and they are the Greater Wight, the Lesser Wight, the Icerim Wight, the Frostedge Wight, the Valewood Wight, the Felland Wight, the Mountain Wight, and the Common Wight.

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