Ardaian Trolls are ape-like very long-live mortal humanoids that are native to the world of Ardaia. They are related to the Ardaian Ogre, the Ardaian Orc, the Ardaian Hobgoblin, and the Ardaian Goblin.

Physical Description Edit

Ardaian Trolls resembles their Mordar ancestors in appearance, but unlike the Mordar, a Ardaian Troll has slightly tougher, thicker skin then a Mordar.

Strengths Edit

Ardaian Trolls has a extremely fast healing factor.

Weaknesses Edit

Ardaian Trolls are extremely vulnerable fire and acid which causes their healing factor to slow down, leave behind scars, and even cause death.

Races Edit

There are up to 29 races of the Ardaian Troll and they are the Icerim Troll, the Graywood Troll, the Snowcrest Troll, the Ashfire Troll, the Blackwood Troll, the Stonewood Troll, the Bloodwood Troll, the Fell Troll, the Dire Troll, the Giant Troll, the Dwarf Troll, the Pygmy Troll, the Gorger Troll, the Arctic Troll, the Cave Troll, the Deep Troll, the Forest Troll, the Mountain Troll, the Desert Troll, the Steppe Troll, the Jungle Troll, the Common Troll, the Polar Troll, the Tundra Troll, the Swamp Troll, the Marsh Troll, the Bog Troll, the Hill Troll, and the Plains Troll.

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