Ardaian Naga are serpentine reptilian tauric immortals that are found almost around the world of Ardaia. They are strangely related to the Dridar, the Daian, the Mordar, the Ardaian Wight, the Ardaian Werecreature, the Ardaian Vampire, the Ardaian Ghoul, the Ardaian Merfolk, and the Ardaian Faerie. They are the ancestors of the Ardaian Yuan-ti.

Physical Description Edit

From the waist up, the Ardaian Naga resembles a Drindar in appearance, but unlike the Drindar, a Ardaian Naga has clawed fingers and has skin that is covered with large to tiny serpentine scales that is smooth to the touch, and from the waist down, the Ardaian Naga has the lower legless serpentine body and scales that resembles a snake.

Types Edit

There are up to ten types of the Ardaian Naga and they are the Mamba Naga, the Krait Naga, the Adder Naga, the Boa Naga, the Asp Naga, the Cobra Naga, the Python Naga, the Rattlesnake Naga, the Viper Naga, and the Anaconda Naga.

Races Edit

There are up to 11 races of the Ardaian Naga and they are the Darkwood Naga, the Obsidian Naga, the Gold Naga, the Bronze Naga, the Copper Naga, the Silver Naga, the Iron Naga, the Ivory Naga, the Steppe Naga, the Forest Naga, the Desert Naga, and the Savanna Naga.

Mutant Types Edit

There is up to one mutant type of the Ardaian Nagas are they are the Ardaian Naga Shifter.

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