Ardaian Merfolks are mysterious aquatic immortals that are found almost around the world of Ardaia. They are strangely related to the Drindar, the Daian, the Mordar, the Dridar, the Ardaian Werecreature, the Ardaian Vampire, the Ardaian Wight, the Ardaian Ghoul, the Ardaian Naga, and the Ardaian Faerie.

Other Names Edit

Ardaian Merfolks are sometimes known as Ardaian Mers.

Types Edit

There are up to five types of the Ardaian Merfolks and they are the Eel Merfolk, the Shark Merfolk, the Giant Merfolk, the Dwarf Merfolk, and the Pygmy Merfolk.

Races Edit

There are up to four races of the Ardaian Merfolks and they are the Lake Merfolk, the River Merfolk, the Reef Merfolk, and the Oceanic Merfolk.

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