Ardaian Linnorms are strange reptilian serpentine creatures that are closely related to the Ardaian Tatzelwurm.

Types Edit

There is up to two types of the Ardaian Linnorm and they are the Vine Linnorm and the Marine Linnorm.

Species Edit

There are up to 15 species of the Ardaian Linnorm and they are the Frostedge Linnorm, the Forest Linnorm, the Hill Linnorm, the Bog Linnorm, the Mountain Linnorm, the Tundra Linnorm, the Marsh Linnorm, the Swamp Linnorm, the Desert Linnorm, the Savanna Linnorm, the Steppe Linnorm, the Jungle Linnorm, yhe Tundra Linnorm, the Cave Linnorm, and the Deep Linnorn.

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