Ardaian Ghouls are a type of mysterious immortal living ghouls that are found almost around the world of Ardaia. They are related to the Drindar, the Daian, the Mordar, the Ardaian Vampire, the Ardaian Banshee, the Ardaian Wight, and the Ardaian Werecreature, and the Ardaian Ghouls are also strangely related to the Dridar, the Ardaian Merfolk, the Ardaian Faerie, the Ardaian Chitine, and the Ardaian Naga. The Ardaian Ghouls are the ancestors of the Ardaian Ghast, the Ardaian Preta, the Ardaian Egui, and the Ardaian Gaki.

Physical Description Edit

Ardaian Ghouls resembles a Human in appearane, but unlike a Human, a Ardaian Ghoul has leaf-shaped pointed ears, has a slightly more expanable stomach then a Human allowing it to eat or drink more then a Human, has clawed fingers and toes, has sharper, pointer incisor teeth then a Human, and has longer, pointer canine teeth then a Human, but not so long to be considered huge fangs.

Ecology Edit

Diet Edit

Ardaian Ghouls are omnivorous, but they mostly enjoy eating raw meat and drinking blood, and they sometimes eat corpses, the fresher the corpse the better. Rarely, when a Ardaian Ghoul is hungry enough when it hasn't eaten in days, it will eat decaying flesh of rotting corpses it finds or dug up, sometimes to the point that it will hunt the Undead for food.

Cannibalism Edit

Cannibalism is rare among Ardaian Ghouls and is considered a taboo to eat one's own kind, but there are times when starvation can drive a Ardaian Ghoul to cannibalism, especially when a Ardaian Ghoul can't control it's own hunger during times when food is scarce.

Strengths Edit

Ardaian Ghouls has slightly much greater physical abilities then a Human and slightly much keener senses then a Human. Ardaian Ghouls are immune to poisons/toxins, aging, and all forms of diseases.

Races Edit

There are up to six races of the Ardaian Ghoul and they are the Greater Ghoul, the Lesser Ghoul, the Icerim Ghoul, the Frostedge Ghoul, the Cave Ghoul and the Swamp Ghoul.

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